Rodent Control – What’s Your Problem?

Humane Mouse Trap
The Australian dream; the house, a big backyard, plenty of space for the kids. We all want it, but that space sometimes hides more than discard frisbees; backyards are the perfect habitat for rodents to hide in. We’ve all had that dreaded moment. You pick up a nibbled box from the back of the pantry, you spot a scarpering movement along the back fence, or you may have been lucky enough to find one of the ‘presents’ rodents often leave behind. It’s the dreaded moment you realise you have a pest control problem. How bad can rodents be? Whilst unpleasant, spotting the markers of a rodent invasion could be the best thing you do all year. If you do have a rodent problem, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between them, as they can pose very different threats to your family, pets or workplace. Mice Mice are known to sneak around pantries, nibbling at.. Read More

Rodent Control: When Rats Come to Visit

Humane Mouse Trap
We all love West Australia’s wide open spaces - backyards, parks, even industrial areas – and one thing these all have in common is a vulnerability to rat invasions. Rat populations create nests in quiet, out-of-the-way spaces that are all too common in the typical Perth landscape. In addition to creating smells, agitating pets and being known for disease, what do we really know about these critters? What damage do rats cause? More imposing than mice, having a rat problem can be the cause of extensive damage to your property. The issue is two-fold; rats need to gnaw constantly to keep their teeth short, and as larger members of the rodent family they’re particularly strong and resilient. They’ll chew through food and wiring, tread water for 3 days, gnaw through aluminium sheeting, and they’re even known to produce up to 15,000 descendants in one year! Ignoring the.. Read More

So, It’s Time For Mouse Control?

Humane Mouse Trap
Tap tap, scratch rattle Do those noises sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve heard them at night but turned the light on to find nothing. Were you dreaming? You may have some uninvited house guests lodging in the backyard or roof; you may have discovered a family of mice. What’s the big deal? They’re cute! While many a cartoon mouse has delighted us on TV, discovering a mouse nest on your property can be indicative of a severe problem. WA’s Department of Health warns that mice and rats can bring diseases or parasites in your home, in additional to the superficial damage they can cause to residential and commercial property. How can you tell if you have a mouse control problem? Firstly, mice can colonise anywhere in the Perth Metro Area, so it pays to always stay on the lookout. Signs you have mice can include: Gnawing marks on walls and / or furniture Night time.. Read More

Watch out: it’s Millipede Infestation Season!

Millipede Control
While it may sound like the plotline of a B-grade horror movie, many home owners around Perth are all-too-familiar with what happens when Portuguese millipedes come marching out of the garden and into the house, making a new home for themselves in pantries, wardrobes and even bedding. Realising you’re sharing your bed with creepy-crawly uninvited houseguests isn’t a very pleasant way to wake up, but that’s not the only problem: millipedes can excrete a pungent liquid which stain skin, clothes, carpets and floors. These particular guests don’t just share your bed and get into your food: they’re also awfully hard to get rid of, which is where The Pest Guys come in! ‘Tis the Season for Millipede Infestation Millipedes tend to be most prolific during the rainy periods of the year - spring and autumn. Of these seasons, autumn is the worst time for millipede invasions, but.. Read More

Spider Infestation: Identifying Your Spiders

spider infestation
There are numerous types of spiders you may encounter in your home, and several of these spider species are cause for concern, and can be highly dangerous. They’re often present in nooks, crannies, garden sheds, the bottom of your deckchairs and all sorts of places where you weren’t expecting them - the last thing you want during a family BBQ is to be surprised by one of these very unwelcome visitors. The Pest Guys are trained in recognising the types of spiders that our clients may be experiencing problems with, and adapting our pest treatment methodology to ensure maximum effectiveness. Spider problems can range from the occasional sighting to a full-blown spider infestation (and all-too-often, the occasional spiders can breed into infestation levels). Calling Perth’s pest control specialists about your spider extermination needs is the first step in helping you to stop the.. Read More

Termite Treatment – Monitoring and Baiting Systems

termite treatment
Did you know termite damage costs hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia each year? According to CSIRO studies, one in three houses will be attacked or damaged by termites at some point, often causing serious ruin to the foundations of a building before being visually detected. A termite-infested house may seem perfectly fine for years, but by the time the damage is realised, your home may have developed major structural damage. Termites play an important role in nature, feeding off plant debris and converting it into fertile organic matter; but unfortunately, their diet also includes the timber used to build your home. The CSIRO recommends yearly inspection by pest control specialists; depending on the termite risk of your house and its area, more frequent inspections may be required. If termites are found, then chemical extermination treatment is required. To minimise the.. Read More